Larchaud Dance Project is committed to creating dance art that pushes boundaries, that engages all audiences, and that exposes new audiences to dance through mainstream culture.  We are dedicated to producing work that is accessible to everyone, and that is layered to appeal to all ages.  Larchaud Dance Project delivers a preservation of the technique and standard of breaking from some of the city’s originators with an array of contemporary styles.  Through these combinations has evolved a hybrid form of dance and partnering that has become stylistically linked to the company.   Larchaud Dance Project recognizes breaking's inception on the streets and is committed to elevating the art of breaking to the stage, and increasing exposure of contemporary dance to unlikely audiences by taking it to the street and creating site-specific art. We are dedicated to creating art that questions the harsh realities of today’s world, engages youth, and acts as a vehicle for social change. Larchaud is constantly strives to offer both dance forms to highly diverse audiences.  We are consistently known for weaving a story through dance, theatre, and film, bridging the gaps between culture, class, and gender.

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